Cash Car USA will give you payment for your car right now! The easiest way to sell your car!

* Your offer is good for 7 days

* We’ll process your lien payoff


Cash Car issues a company check for your vehicle. The check must be deposited into an account – it cannot be cashed. Banks typically place a hold on company checks up to 10 banking days.

The title must be provided at the time of sale. If a previously paid-off lien is listed on the title, you will need both the title and lien release from the lienholder before Cash Car USA can purchase your car. 

If there is a lien on the vehicle, we’ll contact your lienholder during business hours to get a 15-day payoff.

We’ll need:

* Lienholder name and phone number
* Name(s) on account
* Account holder’s account and social security numbers

All titleholders should be present to sell the vehicle.

​Items needed to sell your car. In addition to the title, please bring your license, registration, and all car keys.  If someone on the title is not present, a power of attorney will be needed. 

If you have negative equity or other outstanding financial obligations, the amount should be paid in the form of a Cashier’s Check, certified funds, or money order.

If you do not have all original key and remotes, we may re-appraise the vehicle to account for the additional cost because keys and remotes can be expensive to replace.



  • If you have received a written offer from Carmax or another dealer, bring it and we will do our best to beat it- up to $1000 more!
  • Your Appraisal Offer includes any equipment installed on, or part of, the vehicle (e.g., stereos, TV/DVD, navigation components, seats, headrests, etc.). If you remove any of that equipment, the offer could be voided.
  • Cash Car USA reserves the right to revise or cancel the Appraisal Offer if the vehicle is not in the same condition as it was at the time of the offer (i.e., damaged, reported stolen, undisclosed title conditions, etc.).​
  • The offer is exclusively for the purpose of selling your car to Cash Car USA 

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